Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thank you for your support in 2016!

Thank you very much for supporting Aliens in New York, Peekaboo-art project.

With last year’s donation, we held projects themed LGBTQ, Recycle, and Cultural understanding to public in total five days at three locations in 2016.

Please help the art project by tax-deductible donation and get an original mini calendar!
This mini calendar is a perfect card/gift for holiday season.
It can be sent as a holiday card and they can use it as a calendar.
The three drawings are by Rica Takashima.
Since they are small, they can use it in the office, locker, or on a fridge.
(10 x 6.5 inch)
There are two pages to write messages to your receiver.
This is a perfect item to start the Year of the Rooster with.
One card for $10, and Two cards for $15.
(Your tax-deductible cost will be $7/one $11/two after deducting the transaction and postal expenses) 

Please visit the NYFA page to donation for Peekaboo-art project Aliens in New York.

Please write “Holiday” at Note section.
This special opportunity lasts until end of December.

Your kindness donation will be used to events like transportation, creating new Peekaboo-sculptures, etc. The theme for the next year will be “diversity and cultural heritage” to reduce discrimination.

Thank you very much,

Rica Takashima

Friday, October 14, 2016

Kiku: The Art of Japanese Gerden 2016


I am excied to tell you I will be part in
 Kiku Matsuri  at New York Botanical Garden on October 15, 16.
This is Mum flower festival.
You can explore Japanese Culture like, Taiko drumming, Haiku poem, etc,
and ofcourse Peekaboo-sculptures!

This is a brand new Kiku Peekaboo-sculpture.
I created this special one for NYBG.

Beside this, Bonsai, Kokeshi, Yukata, Oiran, Hatobue, Hakata, and Hakama Peekaboo-sculptures will be there.
Enjoy autumn day with seeing maple tree, mum exhibition and Japanese Culture at New York Botanical garden.
I will be there all day long at the garden.
Please say Hi when you swing by.
Looking forward to seeing you!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Aliens in New York, art project

Thanks for visiting my blog!
To read the past posts of the art project, please use the search box on the top of the page 
and put “Aliens in New York”

The bst way to know more details, please visit here, the interview by NYFA Current August 2015.

I also have FLOW15. blog here. please enjoy!

Rica Takashima
takasimarica at hotmail dot com

NYCC2016 fri

I walked around NYCC today, said Hi to my friends and enjoyed the day.
I saw a poster of lost pup.
I pasted a pic of the poster here just in case someone find him/her.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Aliens in NY, art project will part in Queens Art Intervention(QAI)
Diversity Plaza, September 17 Saturday 1-4pm

Fun Peekaboo-sculptures will appear in Diversity Plaza again!
Please visit and explore the diversity of the place, have fun and get a free reusable shopping bag and a portable ashtray. 
Think green, go clean, and feel better in our community! Please stop by!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Queens Art Intervention 2016

How was your summer?
I had a nice summer vacation in Japan.
I went to Tokyo (this is my home town), Niigata, and Osaka.
I went to bunch of very Otaku places like Maid Café, Animate geek store, Game theme café, Pokemon Center and Pokemon Store.
I caught the special Kamonegi (Farfetched) Pokemon two times.
I enjoy very much.

                                              My Kamonegi!

I will have Peekaboo-art shows in Queens.

Aliens in NY, art project will part in Queens Art Intervention(QAI)
Corona Plaza, September 10 Saturday 1-4pm

Fun Peekaboo-sculptures will appear at four sites in Corona at the same time! 
Please visit and explore the diversity of the place, have fun and get a free reusable shopping bag and a portable ashtray. 
Think green, go clean, and feel better in our community! Please stop by!

Peekaboo-sculpture will be set at green marks.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

My original paintings are available!


Did you konow you can get a copy of my original DIY paper sculpture at The Boronx Museum shop?

Now, my original paintings and birthday cards are available at The Bott Shop!

A group art show will be held on 23th July, noon-5pm

Please drop by this show!

THE BOTT SHOPPE - Studio & Store
design studio / art gallery / gift shop606 Mamaroneck Ave South, Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Paint Can, 12 x 16

Disposable Cigarette Lighter,  4 x 6      

Charm of the Snake Year ,  5 x 7     

Bottle of Mouthwash,  4 x 6     

Cough Tablets, 5 x 7   

Small Cactus,  8 ½ x 11     
Birthday Card series